The medium category holiday village, for which existing properties are currently being renovated, is situated on a 46,000 square meter wide land area. In addition to the 23 holiday houses, which are kept in a minimalistic and natural material, the holiday village will include a further 47 holiday apartments and 7 tiny houses and tree houses. A restaurant, cafe, farm shop, spa, event house and event barn are also planned.

Das Seedorf offers a capacity for 200 guests and will be kept in a modern and vanguard style with natural elements in line with the rural flair.


Das Seehotel is located in the small community of Jessern on a peninsula in the idyllic Schwielochsee area. The luxury hideaway will offer an extensive spa area with wonderful views as well as a breathtaking marina.

For the design we were able to allure award winning famous Turkish architect Murat Tabanlioglu. His style already shapes lighthouse projects such as The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, The Opera of The Turkish Metropolis as well as numerous renowned hotel projects around the world. Seehotel in Spreewald will include a total of 130 guest rooms – furthermore the idyllic hideaway of the luxury category will offer an extensive spa area as well as a beautiful marina. More information: http://seelandhaus.de